Golositalia, The sense of taste
27 February

Golositalia, The sense of taste

24th,25th,26th – 27th February 2018

This exclusive event is dedicated to the best producers in enological and gastronomical fields.

GolosItalia, hosts 350 stands at Brixia Expo, in Brescia.

Enjoying this meeting you will have the chance to taste products from all over Italy and to know the most prestigious brands that now follow the tradition, caring for every detail to offer to their customers something more than a dish, a product that holds the best of a territory, enhancing the flavors that are the treasures of Italy.

At the fair you’ll visit the stands but also join a series of exclusive events; for example the wine tasting (there will be 70 wine producers), to know why the wine is so important for Italian cuisine, through a visual, olfactory and tasting route.

You can also follow lessons that will take place at GolosItalia. You can choose among a savoir faire course, cooking classes and focus about products as fresh pasta.