Discover the lesser-known gems of Italy! To enjoy a luxury stay during the trip to Italy, you can opt for Ciociaria, where you will be immersed in the authentic italian folklore, and will get to know much about the religious history and the italian traditions.


Trip Highlights

  • Stay at a fabulous hotel in the downtown Rome.
  • Guided tour of Rome.
  • Visit the city’s old town of Sora.
  • Climb the San Casto mountain ( 1 hour trekking) to visit the church and the castle on the top.
  • Admire the imposing and spectacular waterfall at the centre of the city.
  • Visit a nature reserve of Posta Fibreno
  • Helicopter sightseeing.
  • Guided tour of the Abbey founded by St. Benedict in 529.
  • Visit Gigantic Roman walls.
  • Picturesque view.



The quest starts with arriving at Fiumicino airport. Next stop is a 3-star hotel in downtown Rome for needful refreshment. Every arrangement for dinner is made at the hotel. However, the first day is reserved for a complete rest without any activity.


The day 2 for Rome trip starts with having breakfast at the hotel. Here we make the tourists meet with their guide, who will be there along with you for the entire day. There will be a nice broad open roof bus available for the city’s tour. The trip involves sightseeing options like Colosseum, Pantheon and Vatican City. For lunch, we arrange delicious Chinese food for the tourists. Complete dinner arrangement is made at the hotel post coming back from the trip. Next, the tourists will be transferred to Sora through a private bus.


Day 3 for Sora trip starts with having breakfast at the hotel. The morning trip involves visiting the city’s old town, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta along with its Roman ruins and the church’s patron S.Restituta. Perfect arrangement for lunch is made at an Italian Restaurant. Post lunch trip involves climbing the San Casto Mountain in the afternoon; it will be 1-hour trekking to visit the church and the castle on the top, along with breathtaking landscapes.


Before starting the day four trip to ISOLA LIRI, a nice breakfast is served for the tourists at the hotel. At Isola Del Liri, the gigantic view of the waterfall can be an awesome experience. Next stop is the castle Boncompagni-Viscogliosi, the scenic park of which can bring tranquillity back into the minds of the spectators. Perfect arrangement of lunch is made at the local restaurants. Post a little lunch break; the afternoon expedition starts with a helicopter sightseeing flight over Roccadarce, the plain of Aquino, Roccasecca, Castrocielo, Pedimonte San Germano, Cassino and the Abbey, the nature reserve of Lake Post Fibreno, Sora and the Castle San Casto and the Abbey of Casamari. After a long memorable trip, best arrangements are made at the hotel for dinner and night halt.


As of the earlier cases, the day five of the trip starts with a nice breakfast at the hotel. The morning trip starts with a visit to the nature reserve of Posta Fibreno, a renowned natural oasis and an incredible source of pure water. Top notch arrangement of lunch is made at the local restaurant. The speciality of this lunch is the dishes prepared through a variety of fishes from the lake. Post lunch, the afternoon visit includes the municipalities of the Valle di Comino, Atina, Alvito, San Donato, Casalattico, and Vicalvi. Most memorable among all sightseeing is going to be the unbelievably small and simplistic Italian villages, few of those, in fact, have less than 500 inhabitants. The trip ends with this as the tourists make a comeback to the hotel for a nice dinner and overnight.


Day 6 of the trip to starts with an appetizing breakfast at the hotel. The morning trip begins with a historically enriched city Cassino, known for its glorious phase during the World War II. Next stop is also another historically prominent destination called Abbey established by St. Benedict in 529, which was in fact destroyed in 1944 due to heavy bomb blasts during the Second World War. For lunch, perfect arrangements are made at the local restaurants. Post lunch trip at the afternoon starts with visiting the Roman amphitheatre, the tomb of UmmidaQuadratilla of the first century AD, the Cassino’s archaeological area and the National Archaeological Museum. Ultimately, the day 6 ends with a return to Sora, where perfect arrangement for dinner and night stay is made.


7th day of the trip starts with a pleasant breakfast at the hotel, as usual. The morning trip is for the city of Veroli. A trip to the old town can make you witness the gigantic Roman walls providing the needful support to the great terrace, along with CityHall and the Cathedral of St. Andrea.

Next stop is St. Mary of Salome, which is not much distance from the Basilica. Along with it a visit to the renowned SCALA SANTA, known for its holy steps can be memorable. Next move is towards the medieval home and the old city centre, after which lunch is taken at the local restaurants. The afternoon trip begins with the visit to BovilleErnica and Alatri, in addition to Acropolis. Apart from these, the guided visit to the medieval palace and the gothic palace of the thirteenth century, and Abbey of San Sebastiano will make your day. The day ends with a return to Sora for an incredible dinner and night stay.


A trip to Anagni also starts with a nice breakfast at the hotel. The city of Popes, Anagni is nicely surrounded by distinguishing polygonal walls. Next trip is for the Romanesque cathedral before having lunch at local restaurant reserved. The afternoon trip is meant for Fiuggi, which is the most renowned thermal city in the world. Interesting here is to note that Fiuggi water is sold around the globe for its magical characteristics. Next, we will move towards the old town and its medieval castle. Ultimately, the day ends with a return trip to Sora for a nice dinner and night stay.


The final day 9 starts with a nice breakfast as usual prior a trip-ending meeting with the participants and moving to Roma airport. Our service ends with participants reaching the airport.


Photographic tour
The entire list of places chosen in the trip can be turned in to the photographic trip. We can add a maximum of 2 professional photographers in the group, which means 1 per every 10/15 people. Interestingly, they will teach and guide the participants starting from the beginning to the end of the day. The photographers will be explaining photography techniques and the captures they made.