Helicopter & Private Jet


Italy Luxury Travel offer a wide range of modern helicopters for business meetings, sporting, private transfer, or social events. Our Helicopters offer simple boarding procedures and speedy straight-line flights.

They can be used for single trips or on multiple flights around the Italy.

AugustaAugusta 109
BellBell Jetranger / longranger
EurocopterEurocopter EC 120 – Eurocopter EC 155 –
SikorskySikorsky 76

Italy Luxury Travel offer Private Jet rental service to travel together in total luxury, arriving quickly and safely.

Small Jets

Cessna Citation MustangSpecifications
Range1320 miles
CrewCaptain & First Officer
Cabin dimension(H) 4.5ft x (L) 9.7ft x (W) 4.6ft
Luggage volume9.7ft x (W) 4.6ft (H) 1.37m (L) 2.97m x (W) 1.40m Baggage Capacity 1.61meter sq

Super Midsize Business Jets

Falcon 50 / Falcon 50 EXSpecifications
Seats8 – 10
Range3760 miles
CrewCaptain, First Officer & Cabin Attendant
Cabin dimension5ft 11 (H) x 6ft 01 (W) x 23ft 10 (L)
Luggage volume115 cubic feet (3.26m)

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