Genealogy research


Many families history often includes emigration; people that avoid war, persecutions or extreme poverty were the reason to have a better chance in another country.

We’ll lead you to discover the places where your ancestors lived look like, visiting your ancestral hometown and house, meeting relatives that you never met before or spending the day with townspeople.

We’ll help you to relive your origins while immersing yourself in your ancestral culture and learning about local traditions. Our experienced tour guides and professional experts will help you to discover your family history, researching relatives and family members, locating the exact houses where your ancestors lived and the churches they attended. With local registers we are able to provide as much or as little research as you need.

Our services:

  • Analysis of the existing information about your ancestors
  • Genealogy research
  • Research of living relatives and meet-up arrangement
  • Private guided visit of the places and houses connected with the ancestors
  • Research at local records



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