19 September

International Boat & yacht accessories trade show 2019

International boat show

19-24 September

Featuring an extensive exhibition of boats in the water and a vast product assortment, the International Boat Show is the reference event for the boating industry and yachtspeople. Organised by Fiera di Genova in partnership with Ucina (the Italian Pleasure Boating Industry Professional Association), Genoa Boat Show is a perfect blend of business, training events, sea culture, sport and entertainment. Salone Nautico is the platform where the Annual Members Assembly of Ucina – the Italian Marine Industry Association – took place, bringing together Italy’s leisure boating entrepreneurs to compare notes on their activities and define future collaborative projects. This comes as a decision which confirms the impressive level of satisfaction perceived by operators in the industry with regards to such a key event, recognised as a strategic asset with which to showcase their products to the global market and to consolidate and promote their businesses’ image internationally. This event showcases many kinds of motor boat and boat related accessory and much more.

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