9 January

The Viareggio Carnival 2019

Viareggio Carnival

9 February-5 March 2019

The 2019 edition is dedicated to women .

The Viareggio Carnival was established when some of the local politicians decided to celebrate themselves with a big parade of decorated floats. The local townsfolk (unhappy with taxes) decided to ambush the event with masked protests about political issues and puppets poking fun at the mayor and other politicians. The politicians got the joke and now everyone gets involved. Viareggio’s official clown, Burlamacco leads the parade. The bigger floats get up to 20 meters high, 14 meters wide and weigh up to 40 tons. The biggest floats carry about 200 people in costume who wave, dance and throw confetti. The paper maché puppets satirise public figures and depict social issues and fairy tale heroes. There are numerous masked balls held in the most fashionable discotheques and ballrooms.


Viareggio, the capital of the Carnival, celebrates, this year, the 146th anniversary of its manifestation.

From saturday 9 february to tuesday 5 march 2019 the city transorms itsself into the Italian fun factory, including parades of giants papier-maché, night parties, fireworks, gastronomic and sporting events.

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