Bergamo Brescia italian capital of culture
19 January

Bergamo Brescia: discover the Italian Capital of Culture

Italy is full of unique places. It has an enormous heritage of nature, art, history and culture. Start your tour from Bergamo Brescia and discover the Italian Capital of Culture for 2023.

Every year, the Ministry of Culture elects one of the Italian cities as the Italian Capital of Culture to enhance its patrimony and promote it worldwide.

Since 2014, this initiative has helped the development of many less-known Italian cities. It encourages, enhances and supports the city’s cultural value as the engine of social cohesion, integration, creativity, innovation, growth and economic development. 

For 2022, the Italian Capital of Culture was Procida, the pearl of Naples’ gulf. Today, we are ready to celebrate the inauguration of Bergamo Brescia’s year!

They are two cities in the heart of Northern Italy, between Milan and Garda Lake. In 2020, they stood out in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. They underwent heavy losses and sacrifices but maintained their integrity and bravery.

The nomination of Bergamo and Brescia as the Italian Capital of Culture for 2023 aims to relaunch the area’s development with a cultural project oriented towards the future. 

Discover Bergamo Brescia

The inauguration will be on the 21st of January, but events and appointments will wait for you throughout the year. Discover this incredible corner of Italy and start planning your unique stay here!

You will find UNESCO sites, such as the Santa Giulia museum and the Brixia archaeological park in Brescia, and the Venetian walls in Bergamo, but also a path along the cities’ main squares, in which Italian history developed for centuries since the Reinassance

Enter the Temples of Culture: museums, theatres, the Accademia and the Basilica, where the cities preserve and enhance their cultural heritage, and explore the outside with the Many natural itineraries to discover the beauty of the surroundings and enjoy outdoor activities.

You will also find spirituality, as Pope Paolo VI and Pope Giovanni XXIII were born and raised in these streets, an excellent gastronomic tradition, based on cheese and Franciacorta sparkling wines and iconic events and festivals that from ages entertain people in Bergamo and Brescia, such as the Mille Miglia race.

Plunge yourself in the stories of this place. Get ready for a stunning trip to one of the most beautiful corners of Italy.
Start planning with us your tailor-made trip.

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