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31 March

The best 3 places to see in Puglia: Dolce&Gabbana’s setting

If you are starting to plan a fantastic summer holiday in Italy, take advantage of the best places to see in Puglia at least once in a lifetime, according to our Italian Travel Experts.

Save this post, as we will take you off the beaten tracks in a hinterland made of white cities, small borgos and ancient traditions — the perfect set to plunge into Italian beauty and charm. Welcome to the Itria Valley!


Alberobello is the best-known borgo in the area, famous for its characteristic Trulli. The white, cone-shaped roof houses are in the postcards from all over Puglia, but they were born here in Alberobello. Many of them are today luxury hotels and resorts and equipped with top-quality comfort: you can spend your exclusive stay here, plunging into the borgo and spoiling yourself. A stroll around the cobbled streets will gift you unforgettable memories and stunning photographs, especially during the sunrise and at the golden hour.


Magic at Christmas time, Locorotondo is the perfect location also for a summer holiday in Puglia. The little, white houses will be the background of a memorable trip in the heart of the Itria Valley. Locorotondo is located on top of a hill, and from there you can admire the complete panorama over the karst panorama.


Last but not least, Ostuni is among our places of the heart. Also known as “The White City”, the whole city centre is completely white: only plants and flowers paint a little bit of colour in the streets and squares. Take your time to explore all its corners, the old masserie and plunge yourself into a suspended world, midway between the two Italian seas.

Plunge yourself into the heart of Puglia

Dolce&Gabbana chose the Itria Valley as the setting for their summer event. Take the chance and combine fashion, travel and culture in an amazing, unique experience in Italy and discover the best places to see in Puglia next summer.

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