new year's eve traditions in italy
30 December

New Year’s Eve traditions in Italy

The most magical night of the year is approaching. Find out more about some of the most popular New Year’s Eve traditions in Italy!

In Italy, New Year’s Eve is among the most important events. People all around the country celebrate this night with rituals and beliefs, hoping for a lucky, upcoming year.

Italians welcome the incoming year with dinner parties and concerts and aim to attract prosperity, happiness and success. Here are some of the most popular New Year’s Eve traditions in Italy.

Wearing something new and red

The red colour is associated with success and value, and popular beliefs agreed it could make bad luck fade away.

Hence, on the 31st of December, Italian people wear something red, commonly underwear, to wish for luck, energy, power and money.

Well-wishing recipes

In Italy, food and traditional recipes are a must also during New Year’s Eve.

Some delicacies have become traditions for this night as they, according to popular beliefs, bring well-being, luck and abundance.

The menù is usually composed of Cotechino with lentils, dried fruit, grapes and grapefruit, as they symbolise abundance and prosperity.

Last but not least, at midnight people use to toast the upcoming year with a glass of sparkling wine, after uncorking the bottle with a well-wishing bang.

A kiss under the mistletoe

At midnight, a kiss under the mistletoe is a must for all Italian couples.

The white berries are a symbol of eternal love, protection and good luck for the future.


The greatest fireworks shows go on during New Year’s Eve. People celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of another with great, coloured exhibitions in the Italian skies.

They believe the displays can scare the bad spirits and take away bad luck.

You can find some of the most beautiful fireworks displays over the Venetian Lagoon, in Rome and in Florence. 

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Italy means being part of its culture, getting to know its traditions and beliefs and celebrating in the Italian way.

Discover if even starting the year in Italy brings luck for the year to come: start planning now your next New Year’s Eve in Italy with us!

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