19 April

Soave is the “Borgo dei Borghi” for the year 2022

Soave won the “Borgo dei Borghi” competition for the year 2022.

On Easter Day Soave won the “Borgo dei Borghi” title.

The contest involves 20 candidates and every year awards the most beautiful little town in Italy. It chooses the winning borgo in terms of natural heritage, traditions and culture.

Soave is a little town located in the green wineyards near Verona.

The town is a precious borgo on the hills. It glorifies its past through the architectural works that visitors can find all over the area.

Moreover, Soave is well-known around the World for its enogastronomic treasures. One of these is the Soave DOC white wine we all love!

As a fact, the little town is the starting point of the Strada del Vino. This tour guides you among old wineries and green hills where you can enjoy the enogastronomic excellences of the Region and fall in love with the city centre’s beauties.

The old Castello Scaligero and its ancient walls will amaze you.

Plunge yourself in the medioeval atmosphere of the old castle and admire the restoration that brought the Castle back to its old splendor!

The town centre is full of historic gems too. In it you can find beautiful churches, such as the Santa Maria della Bassanella’s sanctuary and the San Lorenzo’s Cathedral. The fresco paintings and art treasures will leave you without words.

Don’t miss the change for a stroll in the old streets and let the medioeval atmosphere carry you around to discover this unique land!

To find out more about the little town of Soave and its eno-gastronomic traditions check the official Tourism website.

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