The Doge's ball
17 February

The Doge’s ball: plunge yourself in Venice’s soul

One of the most important events in the Venice Carnival is the Doge’s Ball. It has over the years an unmissable appointment for the most influential people in town, but also for the tourists who every year attend the party.

Since the 13th century, people gather in the floating city wearing elaborate costumes and masks for the Carnival. They plunge themselves into the historic traditions and go back in time to the origins of the Italian festival.

For this reason, the Doge’s Ball is still today one of the most awaited appointments of the festival, which manages to attract people and tourists from around the world. It is a masquerade ball that aims to celebrate the history and culture of the Italian city of Venice. This vernissage is also an occasion for participants to dress up in period costumes and dance the night away in one of the most exclusive settings of the city.

Ballrooms and palaces are dressed up with stunning scenographies, elaborated decorations and light effects. DJs and singers play on the many stages and people stay up until the night passes and the day comes. It is, for sure, the topic event of the Venice Carnival.

For 2023, the Doge’s Ball will take place on Saturday the 18th. The location will be in the rooms of the Scuola Grande della Misericordia, in the Cannaregio districts.

The theme of this year’s appointment is “The Greatest Dream”. People will immerse themselves into an oniric dimension which overlaps space and time to celebrate life, joy and magic

Check out the art director Antonia Sautter’s Doge’s Ball trailer video. During the night, welcoming drinks, a gala dinner, catwalks and stunning shows will charm the attendees. The After-Dinner party will follow, with music and DJ sets.

The Doge’s Ball is for sure an unmissable appointment for anyone who wants to plunge into the deepest soul of the floating city.

Contact us to start planning your escape in Venice for the next Venice Carnival. Do not miss the chance to be part of the magic.

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