16 December

Amalfi Coast: a 3-day tour in its true soul

If you are planning to visit Italy, the Amalfi Coast is a place not to miss. You will fall in love with its sun, the sea and the stunning human and cultural heritage it has.

In November, our team drove towards Sorrento for a 3-day escape between the Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. This getaway aimed to unwind after a successful summer and to check out our partners in the area. 

Of course, we went snooping for top-class hotels and resorts for your unique stays. However, we also got the chance to experience life on the Amalfi Coast.

A plunge into the Amalfi Coast

We went to discover the secrets of Sorrento, the history of Pompeii and the majesty of Positano, but also explored the authenticity of the inner part of the area, among Ravello and the Gods’ Path.

During this journey, we lived on the Amalfi Coast as you will experience during your next stay there!

Day 1

The tour started in Pompeii. There we picked up Claudio, our amazing tour guide.

We got the chance to visit some of the Pompeian archaeological heritage from a winery located on the Vesuvio, just a few steps from the Anfiteatro ruins. Among the vineyards, we tasted some of the most important wines of the region while learning about the traditional production methods. 

As we got to Sorrento, Claudio guided us among the narrow alleys of the city centre. We entered handcrafted laboratories of wood inlay which got us stunned. The little shops of local products let us taste some of the most famous Sorrento delicacies. 

Our first day on the Amalfi coast closed with a typical dinner in a Sorrento local restaurant. Fresh mozzarella cheese, prosciutto and fresh fish were the base of our gastronomical experience.

Day 2

Waking up at the Parco dei Principi Hotel, designed by Gio Ponti, and having breakfast on the terrace facing the sea and the Vesuvio is priceless. It is really the best way to start off the day on the Amalfi Coast.

The second day of our tour focused on the Positano and Ravello areas.

In the morning, we strolled around the picturesque alleys of Positano. We went down to the world-famous beach that faces the Covo dei Saraceni Resort. The view of the borgo from the beach is amazing – you have the perception it develops vertically up the hills.

After the tour of the city centre, we moved towards the top of the hill for an amazing cooking class. We entered a professional kitchen and cooked with the chef for our lunch with a view of the Positano sea. It was incredible to smell all the perfumes and taste all the savoury ingredients of the meal.

After lunch, we headed to Ravello, a little borgo on the Amalfi hills famous worldwide for the Mozzarella Cheese. In a local dairy, we learned the techniques to make this Italian delicacy, we made some fresh Mozzarella and savoured it. Simply delicious! Watching the Master at work, helping him in the process and eating the freshly-made cheese we made is a core memory of this trip.

Our second day on the Amalfi Coast ended with a special dinner facing the Sorrento Gulf. We lived the experience of a Michelin-star dinner at the Lorelei Restaurant. Ciro Sicignano guides the kitchen. The young chef is one of the excellence in the Italian Cousine panorama. 

Day 3

We dedicated the last day of our journey to the discovery of the most authentic side of the Amalfi Coast. We headed up on the hills and inner valley to live some of the off-the-beaten-path experiences you can make during your tour there.

Agerola is the starting point of the Gods’ path, an easy, 15km long trekking path that develops towards Positano. The path follows the coastline, with breathtaking views of the Amalfi Gulf. Watching the waves sparkling under the Italian sun, with a light breeze and an enchanting panorama will fill your heart with a feeling of completeness you cannot imagine until you live it.

The afternoon was totally dedicated to a selection of wines in the Tramonti area. Tramonti is a little centre located in an almost hidden valley. Around the borgo, a very peculiar wine production is carried out following the tradition for ages. Tenuta San Francesco is a hidden gem on the Amalfi coast where to taste excellent and historic wines with an incredible sunset right before your eyes.

Discover the hidden part of the Amalfi Coast

Alongside the fishermen’s borgos, the most important cities and the beautiful, little beaches, take your time to visit the Amalfi Coast. 

This area is mainly known for Positano and Amalfi, and this is reasonable, but the coastline has many other hidden treasures for you to be discovered.

Planning your trip with us will guarantee you the most exclusive yet authentic experience of Italy. You will meet the people who really live here, discover the old tradition and plunge yourself into the true soul of this amazing country. Just check out everything our Country can offer you – we can arrange everything to make any moment of your stay unforgettable.

It is never too late to start planning a dreamy journey to Italy. Contact us and make that dream come true!

amalfi coast view from sorrento

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