27 February

CoronaVirus Italy 2020

In these days everyone is talking about Coronavirus in Italy, and we really would like to avoid these words as per our personal opinion the situation is really under control and Italy will be not affected at all about it. Except for small changes applied for our guests enjoing Italy at the moment or arriving in the next week, everything will be normal from next month.

At the beginning everyone was scared as we have no info and data about this virus (and the human being is by nature scared about the unknown) but now we known it is a normal seasonal flu.

In our industry there is always “something”. Call it terrorism, call it Zica or Sars, call it seaweed or cruise crash, we have never stopped.

Our valuable partners and our lovely guests are great travellers and intelligent people and nothing will stop them and us. Our job was, is and will be always to create unique experiences in Italy. A journey is memorable because of the people you will meet, the places you will see, the vibe you will feel in that place. And we can guarantee that this virus did not affect our smiles and kindness, the view of Rome by night from Gianicolo is still there and that sparkling atmosphere in Capri island is untouched.

Get in touch with us if you need more info about it, or, better, to plan the best travel experience in the most beautiful Country of the world.

Italy Luxury Travel team

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