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30 April

COVID-19 Updates from the 1st of May

The beginning of May brings some COVID-19 updates in Italy.

While the emergency status ended at the beginning of April, from next month Italy will cancel almost all rules concerning the pandemic situation.

First of all, the obligation to wear a mask ends. People will be free to enter public places and participate in acitivities without wearing their masks. Depside this, according to the Italian Government, wearing a mask is still strongly recommended in crowded places, when the infection risk is higher.

The only limitation applies for public transport and indoor concerts and indoor events in teathres and cinemas. The same is fro sport events. In these situations, people will have to wear a FFP2 mask on while inside buildings. This obligation will be valid until the 15th of June.

The Green Pass is officially off, too. The access to bars, restaurants, shops, museums and all kind of events will be free for everyone. The only exception are hospitals and rest homes, where visitors must have the Super Green Pass to enter.

Visitors and tourists need to provide the base Green Pass to enter Italy. This pass proves vaccination, recovery or a negative COVID-19 test. However, the Passenger Locator Form is no more required. Italian authorities used this measure to track visitors and their health situation during their stays in our Country. In this way, tourists will be free to travel Italy all around without thoughts.

Everything said, it really seems like Italy is ever closer to get back to the before-COVID normality!

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