colosseum's underground
9 May

The Colosseum’s Underground Area is Open!

Colosseum’s underground: discover the deepest secret of the Arena!

Last summer, the Colosseum’s underground area opened for the very first time in History.

The area below the Arena’s floor is now ready to surprise and thrill visitors from all over the world.

The archeological site underwent a big restoration project. Maison Tod’s and Diego della Valle’s fundings supported the operations in agreement with the Italian Ministry of Culture.

Today, a 170-meter long gangway lets people visit the Anfiteatro Flavio from inside. Now tourists can admire the secrets Romans hid in the backstage of the Colosseum for a very long time.

They can discover how Romans put on stage the shows that run in the Arena’s floor during the Roman Empire.

Expert tour guides and a mobile app accompany tourists along the 15 anular hallways. During the narration people can visit the narrow passages and arches where slaves and gladiators walked and the cages where they held the belves.

In addiction, visitors can observe where the huge contraptions and elevators were located and how they worked to let the magic happen in the Arena’s stage.

More than 80 professionals among architects, physicians, engineers and construction workers collaborated in the Colosseum’s restoration process. The operations took more than 7 thousand work hours but the time was totally worthy.

Now visitors can admire the Colosseum from the bottom to above, where the Attic stant, and can enjoy a unique perspective of the biggest Amphitheater in the World.

Are you ready to discover Rome’s biggest treasure?

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