11 May

Covid-free islands: towards a safe summer in Italy

Covid-free islands. The Italian government continues to work to allow tourism to resume. To guarantee to Italian and foreign citizens a safe summer.

Following the model of Greece, Italy too has launched a vaccination program to immunize the smaller islands.

The first region to start working on improved Covid-19 measures on the tourist islands was Campania. Procida is the first Italian island to have completed the immunization of the population. By the end of May the other Neapolitan islands Capri and Ischia will also be Covid-free.


May will be a month of great expectation.

Sicily, with the Aeolian islands, Egadi islands and Lampedusa have also started their vaccination campaign.

The Pontine islands Ventotene and Ponza will not be outdone. They, too, started the administration to immunize their own population. As well as the Tremiti Islands.

By June it will also be the turn of the Tuscan islands of Capraia, Elba and Giglio.

Sardinia is also on the starting blocks, ready to go.

Italy is getting ready to welcome back tourists from all over the world to boost the tourism and try to get out of the crisis as soon as possible.

As the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said during the G20 Tourism conference:

“It’s time for you to book your holidays in Italy”

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