2 December

Panettone: a traditional Italian Christmas cake

Panettone represents Italian tradition food culture. It welcomes the Christmas season. Although it is a symbol of the Milan’s baking tradition,  different versions are now made throughout the country.

Its soft dough, rich in butter it is made with sourdough and stuffed with raisins and candied fruit. Panettone is an artisan pastry product slowly leavenedThe name “Panettone” derives from “Pane di Toni “.

A legend tells that a cook who worked for Ludovico il Moro had to prepare the Christmas Eve banquet. After baking the cake, the cook forgot it in the oven and it accidentally burned. A boy named Toni suggested a solution: cooking another cake with the leftover ingredients, which were flour, butter, eggs, citron peel and raisins.

When the improvised cake was served everyboby liked it. Once the Duke discovered the origins of the cake, he proclaimed that it would henceforth be called “Pane di Toni” (Bread of Toni).

 It would not be Christmas without a slice of panettone, enjoyed on an armchair, in front of a fireplace, listening to good music with a glass of sparkling wine. It can create a magical atmosphere.

Artisan Panettone could be a very original Christmas gift!

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