covid-19 emergency status ends
7 April

The COVID-19 Emergency Status Ends

The COVID-19 Emergency Status Officially Ends in Italy.

The COVID-19 Emergency Status ends in Italy on the first of April. This brought to some changes in the Country: let’s check the details.

The Italian Government stated that they will gradually loosen the rules from now on. The Super Green Pass will not cease to exist and you will still need it for some activities. However, for many others a negative COVID-19 test and the surgical mask will be enough.

What will change now that the Emergency Status ended:

Stores and public offices

Any Green Pass is required, but to enter you will have to wear your face surgical mask.

Bar and restaurants:

To stay inside at the table or at the counter, you will need only the Green Pass base version and the surgical mask. On the contrary, to sit on outside tables no certification is required.

Hotels and accommodation structures

No certification is required, but you have to wear the surgical mask in common areas; to access the restaurant services there is no need for any certification.


Stadiums’ capacity will rise to 100% but to enter you will need the base Green Pass and to keep your surgical mask on. To assist indoor sporting events, be sure to have the Super Green Pass and an FFP2 face mask.

Public transport

The Green Pass is not required for local transport, while for trains, aircrafts and ships you will still be needing the base version and to wear an FFP2 mask.

Cultural events

You will not need the Super Green Pass for outdoor events. They will not require any certification to enter museums, archeological parks, expositions, libraries and other cultural places, but you will have to wear a surgical face mask. About indoor theaters, cinemas and concerts, until the 30th of april you will have to have of Super Green Pass and FFP2 masks. For outsides events the base Green Pass will be enough.

Private parties and discos:

Discos will return to full capacity. To participate in such events all participants will need the Super Green Pass and, at least, the surgical face mask.

About Quarantine, if you come in contact with someone COVID-19 positive, the quarantine has been abolished for everyone. You will have to follow a 10-day self monitoring period and to wear a FFP2 mask. You will have to take a test  in case you develop any synthom and if it happen you result positive, you will have to self-isolate yourself for 7 or 10 days. A negative test will end the quarantine.

To travel around Italy the COVID-19 Green Pass will be almost eliminated from the 1st of May. From the very same day, there is a chance also protective masks could not be required for indoor events and activities.

Anyway, to check for updats on any news regarding COVID-19 related rules to travel Europe and Italy, please check the dedicated page on the National Tourism Official Website ( and the specific Green Pass website for Italy (

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